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Art Peppers! That’s hot. Nice packages, too…

100% faggot-farmed heirloom peppers. Tis the harvest season. Feasting with friends and family. Hand-made labels. Lo-tech. Sharpie markers on postal stickers.

Tiny Town Queen Patty McGroin is Empress of San Francisco!

Laytonville Native Wins Empress Of San Francisco’s Imperial Court!

“Patty McGroin went from winning Miss Gay San Francisco in 2011 to the reigning empress of the 2013 San Francisco Imperial Court. Patty will spend her year as Empress raising money for San Francisco charities as part of the duties of representing the San Francisco Imperial Council…”

Congratulations, Patty!

Jayma Shields for The Mendocino County Observer. Photo: anon.

NOT Gay. Just Happy…

Rainbow Ranch. Not Gay. Just Happy. Sight seen on CA State Hwy 16. But what does it MEAN? William Burroughs said that “language is a virus from outer space.” Well said, Bill! Wait… Did I say THAT?

Shoot! (for the Stars…)

Seen on the side of an electrical box in rural Mendocino County, just north of Ft. Bragg. Check out his giant Indian Club

What happens in the Barn…

They say what happens in the barn stays in the barn. Haven’t seen this young man lately? Maybe could be that he’s…staying in the barn! Hah. It could even happen to you. Chore boy applications being taken now for summer work…and play!

Big Bite Bait Shop Art Brut…Boss!

Hand-painted sign on a Nor Cal bait shop. Wouldn’t want to be the boy on the skis. Gulp! For more ski-doodle doings,here.

Real Rural

This guy would spend his last dime to ride bulls…how about you?

New ad campaign I saw on BART today: Real Rural. Tag line is “Stories and Photographs from the Rest of California.”



Phabulous Phallic Bell Peppers look a lot like thick uncut Cocks!

Sent to us by C. Jacob Hale, who says he got it from Mendusa Love Forbid. The photo itself is by Shane Ruff. Jake adds: “Makes this boy’s mouth water!”

Hot Leathers in rural CT?

Reporting from middle-of-nowhere, Connecticut: Have the Gay Highwaymen stumbled upon a Mr. S outpost, or perhaps a dungeon surrounded by tobacco fields and cows? Or is it a disappointing but optimistically-named retail space filled handbags and wallets?
Didn’t have time to investigate this store, just caught a glimpse of the “HOT LEATHERS” sign as we drove by seen in rural CT near Ellington. What’s inside? It’s a mystery, unless a CT reader of this site can enlighten us.


Jam the Giant Boot Poodle