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Hot Leathers in rural CT?

Reporting from middle-of-nowhere, Connecticut: Have the Gay Highwaymen stumbled upon a Mr. S outpost, or perhaps a dungeon surrounded by tobacco fields and cows? Or is it a disappointing but optimistically-named retail space filled handbags and wallets?
Didn’t have time to investigate this store, just caught a glimpse of the “HOT LEATHERS” sign as we drove by seen in rural CT near Ellington. What’s inside? It’s a mystery, unless a CT reader of this site can enlighten us.


San Francisco is WHAT kind of territory!?

Bear Territory of course! Go, Cal! 20110904-054357.jpg

Cal Fire Hotness…

…Mendocino firefighters protect, serve and dress the set at the annual Covelo Blackberry Festival. The event is in its 30th year, and takes place every August in California’s remote Round Valley.


Hot Firefighters fight Hot Fire in SF Castro District!

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No one was injured, but there was lots of excitement, and plenty of exciting firemen, EMTs, and onlookers on Castro Street Saturday night when a balcony BBQ caught fire. All’s well in the village. Kudos to the men of the SFFD!

John, They’re only Dancing – Marines Shake It! (Hot & Silly Video)

These two are just too cute. Barely more than kids, as soldiers usually are, they are caught in a complicated history, their own personal stories intertwined with that of their country at war. Vets, and children of vets, understand how one can despise war and still honor warriors. Many of us still carry the physical and emotional effects of conflicts long past. “It’s complicated” – as they say on Facebook. War is hell, but it is also boredom. In these media days, that’s easily taken care of with a camera and a YouTube account. The Internet is awash with interesting videos made by soldiers with time on their hands. These two mess around to Soulja Boy’s Donk. For a great Lady Gaga Telephone re-do, click here. For an interesting musical political commentary, based on a lyrical re-working of the Beach Boys’ classic Kokomo, click here.

Sight seen on MUNI Bus. Hot Guest Photo

Ah, the intrinsic ambiguity of the written word. Is that a hot photo or a photo from a hot guest contributor? They say it’s six of one and a half dozen of the other, but here at GH, we say it’s 100% x 2! Thank YOU to SMG for this one.