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When a Cigar Tube is a Seed Container…

Freud quipped that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but of course he knew better. Last year’s seeds are now in a tube from last year’s smoke. This summer, they’ll be this summer’s sunflowers. Next winter, last year’s seed again…and so it flows.

(Cigar) Smokin’ Kosmoceratops!


Sight seen on MUNI Bus. Hot Guest Photo

Ah, the intrinsic ambiguity of the written word. Is that a hot photo or a photo from a hot guest contributor? They say it’s six of one and a half dozen of the other, but here at GH, we say it’s 100% x 2! Thank YOU to SMG for this one.


Bikers and Cigars and Bears: Sights seen at Smokeout XI Las Vegas

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Bellagio Fountains, Floating Bear Conga Lines, Butkus Autographs in the Las Vegas version of a mall, Kush Fine Art. Srsly? Billboards of course. Surveillance like mad. The Arturo Fuente Cigar Lounge abuts an escalator in the Forum Shops on The Strip. Everything in Las Vegas is the Las Vegas version of…whatever, wherever. Paris and New York in plaster, Venice in Sherwin Williams. Covers the Globe in Amalgamated Capital. Or something like that.


The Las Vegas version of a run is Smokeout, an informally structured event now in its 11th year. Smokeout is billed as “an uncomplicated, fun-filled weekend in Las Vegas for Cigar Studs, Pipe Studs, Bikers, Leathermen, Bears and their friends from all over the world.” No run fee; events are on a pay/per basis and include dinners, cigar parties, bar nights, a Leather party, friendly low-stakes poker, a rollercoaster outing, a piss party, and a motorcycle ride hosted by the Desert Brotherhood M.C. Good times poolside at the Hotel Alexis Park Resort. Great times in the suites.