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Strange and sexy shelf Life – Dad of Dads and soiled Spanking…seriously.

Good schooling on how to make and keep stuff clean. Multiple editions, this one is early, plus limited vintage xerox and plus one – one-off paint over 19 c print. Quality, condition and display make a hoard into an exhibit. Oh, yeah. That plus what the shit sells for. D’uh. So Sez Homer and the Homo-ner and thee Prophat…heh…

Gets the Job done! Autoerotic Chevron Techron…

This dude seems to have a thing for his car, and it appears to be mutual. Is it an autoerotic bromance? Or more? We recently saw a TV show about “Strange Sex” that featured a man who considered his VW his lover. He’s got a Bug. Is this a trend? An auto trend? Hey…nice nozzle. You know where to put it.

“Happyfuckin’ 4th of July, Unclefucker!” New Yaoi Bara Cali Manga from JoJo Mendoco


Go Bears! F***king Hot Wearable Cal Satire

Our pal “King Tut” turned us on to this fun and funny t-shirt designed and manufactured locally the old fashioned way: hand-drawn and screen-printed in the artist’s studio. In fact, he gave us the shirt off his back! What a good boy. Artist Auvrey makes these and others and hangs out in San Francisco’s Castro Gayborhood. This one takes off on the UC Berkeley “Cal” mascot. Got the colors down, too. We like it…even though we are Stanford Dads. Hah! Go Bears!

Happy Fuckin’ National Pig Day!

Oink! Better late than next year. Friend of this site Jake Hale tips us off to this obscure holiday. He got the word from Sister Piggy Sue of the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. And she should know! Comic Strip Ap montage by Gay Highwaymen. For more fuckin’ pigs click here.

What IS a Spiny Lumpsucker anyway?

Sounds like a slur, and maybe it is. Spherical. Warty. Big sucker on its belly. The thing on the lower left. For more real (less surreal) discussion of trash-talk, check out black pony slave interviews here and here. And for some commentary slash vague philosophy about defectives, here.

Santa whips Blitzen!

Santa and his charges enjoys some…umm…reindeer games!

Santa Bear at the Leather Bar…

Watch Out…Tintin’s got a Whip!

Who’s on Top? The dynamic here could take any number of turns. Is turnabout fair play? Who’s wearing stripes under his sweater? Leave it to European kids’ books. And now Tintin is in American movies. Well…thank You, Sir!

(Cigar) Smokin’ Kosmoceratops!