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Snake Penis Wine. Really. Gung Hay Fat Choy!


One of several penis wines intended to increase potency. Dog and deer are also popular, as is the special three-penis combination. Do the PETA people know? Or are they still too busy throwing water balloons at bikers? Gung Hay Fat Choy! 2013 is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Snake.

Happy Homoerotic Thanksgiving Day …1928!

These two staunch white guys look about ready to eat each other up. Looks like the pilgrim has already started to unwrap the football player. TV didn’t link the holiday to the sport after all. Something seems to be missing from this scenario, though. Where are the First Nation studs? Maybe planning a little dessert entertainment for these two…all in good, clean fun. Of course.

Shock Top Reflection

What’s a Shock Top? One who’s Awful, too? Here he just sells beer, quoting the Mohawk warriors – who were said to have plucked their heads clean hair by hair, and that only after having proved themselves by shedding blood. Cahto and Pomo and other California 1st nation people were historically more peaceful. And more prosperous. Fancy that.

Happy Dore Alley weekend to Mohawk and other hair-wearing Fair attendees! Tops: please don’t be too shocking. bottoms: don’t be awful at all. Everyone: play hard, have fun, take good care of one another.

Gets the Job done! Autoerotic Chevron Techron…

This dude seems to have a thing for his car, and it appears to be mutual. Is it an autoerotic bromance? Or more? We recently saw a TV show about “Strange Sex” that featured a man who considered his VW his lover. He’s got a Bug. Is this a trend? An auto trend? Hey…nice nozzle. You know where to put it.

Tete a Tete: hot boy ad

Eye to eye. Rephotographed from the broad side of a MUNI bus. A movable feast…

Whatever you do, wear Skivvies!

Originally a brand name, like “Kleenex” – “Skivvies” had a contract to supply the armed forces and became generic military slang for underwear – shorts and tees…

International Service! (Hot Vintage Trucker)

WWII Era Advertising from Collier’s Magazine. Collected out of Palm Springs, CA. Broadsheet size, 4-color mid century design from the golden age of illustrated magazines. Keep ’em rolling!

He’s got a bigger job now…

From Colliers Magazine, Winter 1945.

The Saturday Evening Saint Valentine Post

These days, this little fellow would probably get the censors in an uproar. In the early part of the 20th century, this image provoked no such concern. Does that make that era a “more innocent age” – as many might suggest? At that time, a kid this age could as easily have been working in a factory or attending a lynching as gracing the cover of a respected magazine half-naked. Innocence is overrated. And security is an illusion.

Paddle and Saddle for active Lads and Dads!

Styled for Satisfaction!