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He’s got a bigger job now…

From Colliers Magazine, Winter 1945.

Sub-zero half-naked cool playful snowy Korean Soldiers are Hot!

Hot young Korean soldiers training in the snow. Cool! Click here for video.

Revolutionary Affection: More Eqyptian Soldier-kissing.

An Egyptian army officer greets anti-government protestors as he walks through Tahrir Square in Cairo February 12, 2011. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Everyone needs a hobby, and it is good to see soldier-kissing becoming so popular. Consider the advantages. It is entertaining for both the participants and the observers. It is non-violent. It is economical; a game for both rich and poor. And it is 100% green. Will soldier-kissing spread beyond Egypt? Will flash-mob kissing the ROTC become the new fad on American college campuses? Where might this lead? Is it a Slippery Slope? We can only hope! More soldier-kissing here. For a great take-off of Lady Gaga’s Telephone as performed by soldiers in Afghanistan, click here.

Egyptian Kiss: amid turmoil, protesters show appreciation to low-key government soldiers.

An Egyptian anti-government activist kisses an Egyptian army officer in Tahrir square in Cairo on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011. Ben Curtis/AP Photo

It could be a blood-bath, but its not. One of history’s ugliest lessons: it can always turn bloody. So far, so good. Some looting, very little shooting, and now a little soldier-kissing. Nothing particularly gay about it. Men do kiss in many cultures. Nevertheless, it is good to see. The young soldier is kissable, at the very least, and the older man looks good in his bomber jacket. Leather in Cairo? Who knew!