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Emigrant: The Other White Meat?

I came across this delicately-worded plaque commemorating the Donner Party at a snowy highway rest stop on a recent road trip on Route 80, over the Donner Pass. Notice that it says many died…but not all. No mention of how the survivors survived. Also, “emigrant” is misspelled.
(Post title credit: The Texan.)


Sub-zero half-naked cool playful snowy Korean Soldiers are Hot!

Hot young Korean soldiers training in the snow. Cool! Click here for video.

Snow in SF?

I woke up to news of snow this morning – my mother in Southern New England sent me a photo of her house buried in 10 inches of October snow. She reports that “We have no heat, no electricity, are melting snow for water to flush the toilets (the cat finds the buckets of snow very interesting), and are using the camp stove to cook. All of the inconvenience of camping with none of the fun. Plus, we had to shovel the driveway and chainsaw the fallen trees off of it.”
In the spirit of Schadenfreude, I was preparing to take a picture of California palm trees and sunshine to send back her way, but I found a more suitable scene to capture on my way to the Civic Center Farmers Market. Yes, it was rapidly melting and surrounded by people in shorts, but I did find snow in San Francisco. (I believe there was some kind of snowboarding event this morning.)
So, in a mixture of solidarity and Schadenfreude, I sent my mom (and now the Gay Highwaymen) this image.