Visionary Outlaws of the Homosexual Internet

The Gay Highwaymen: Visionary Outlaws of the Homosexual Internet.

The Gay Highwaymen: traveling notes, pictures and commentary from around the big gay world. Original content photo-blog, plus reposts with original commentary. One rogue scholar, one ex-Texan…and some of our friends.

Some Keywords
: advertising, antiques, art, athletes, bears, bikers, books, boys, camera vision, cities, connectivity, consumer culture, country living, education, DIY, film, gardening, gay history, home life, independence, interdependence, intentional community, internationality, leathersex, maker culture, material culture, media, men, music, news, photography, politics, power relations, practice/s, queer culture, regionality, religious tolerance, resource economy, recycling, road tripping, satire, San Francisco, science, sex, signage, spirituality, strange news, surveillance, theory, travel, upcycling, video, visuality…et cetera…

11 responses to “Visionary Outlaws of the Homosexual Internet

  1. Nice blog, glad to see it, especially as it is arty, fun and informative — beautiful photos. Keep up the intriguing posts, from me — another new blogger in the mystery world of blogs — ; ) — Liberty Wolf

  2. Hello, could you please get me in touch with Mickey Chen.
    I´ve tried to search online for him and cannot find his email.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi, Cliff. I will ask Guo-Juin, and e-mail you.

  4. Would like to forward an article to Rick Welts. Can someone do that, if I send it to them, or give me an address to which I can e-mail it?

    • Hi, Ranjan. We don’t have it. He’s a public figure and some internet digging should come up with something. You might also try The Sportz Guru here on WordPress. He’s knows a lot about all things sporting and may have a better clue. Good Luck!

  5. ok, Thanks. I wait.

  6. Hey Professor,
    Drop me an email. I don’t have yours.
    I’m coming to your neighborhood. Dinner?

  7. Welcome “gayhighwaymen” to my world, “fernexpress” [ ]. You have a cool site and we can give our visitor lots to network about. The BEST is yet to comm. Have a great day!

  8. How do I contact the guy who do this blog?

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