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Emigrant: The Other White Meat?

I came across this delicately-worded plaque commemorating the Donner Party at a snowy highway rest stop on a recent road trip on Route 80, over the Donner Pass. Notice that it says many died…but not all. No mention of how the survivors survived. Also, “emigrant” is misspelled.
(Post title credit: The Texan.)


Wild Turkey Road Kill #2

Running Turkey. Not fast enough…


Wild Turkey Road Kill # 1

Flying Turkey hits the road in an act of auto-abstraction. Buzzards delight. CA Hwy 162 near Bloody Run Creek. On the road to Covelo where locals say the Indian Wars are still underway. White and 1st Nation teens, bored, fight. No new thing under a Sunny day. Return via Dos Rios. Two rivers home.


Sights seen at Truck Stops: Old Cowboy buys Smokes on CA Hwy 101

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This guy moved like a twangy old country music tune. Slow, strong and regular. Horseless cowboy traveling California State Highway 101 by truck, he stopped to buy smokes. Got shot in the back and never knew it. One, two, three: Snap!