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My Horse is bigger than your Horse…of course.


According to The Bear, rumor has it that Lorne Greene, on the right, was “family” and had a thing for Asian guys…

Sight seen at Elmer’s in Palm Springs. Restaurant decorated with historic photographs.

Rural Mural: Saddle Bronc Champ

Don Coleman. Circa 1930s. Cowboy. Silent Movie Star. Rancher. Saddle Bronc Champ. And local boy. Mural in downtown Willits. Mendocino County in Northern California. For a real cowboy in Willits, click here. For an even older cowboy, here.

What happens in the Barn…

They say what happens in the barn stays in the barn. Haven’t seen this young man lately? Maybe could be that he’s…staying in the barn! Hah. It could even happen to you. Chore boy applications being taken now for summer work…and play!

Bucking Bronco, Whipping Cowboy

Ride ’em, Cowboy! Throw ’em, Bronco!

Photo postcard published by Chas. E. Morris, Chinook Montana, 1906. Early color process. Collection of Gay Highwaymen.

Real Rural

This guy would spend his last dime to ride bulls…how about you?

New ad campaign I saw on BART today: Real Rural. Tag line is “Stories and Photographs from the Rest of California.”



Real Urban Cowboy…Really

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He got onto his horse and he rode into the city. Hat, boots, bandana, duster, even spurs: this dude’s got it all. No event. He’s just riding through town. A sight seen in Willits, California. Hippies, cowboys, farmers, bikers in a Far West mix. In Mendocino County, a town with 5 stoplights qualifies as a city. Seriously. This is NorCal. Not LA. You know what they say…save a horse. Ride a cowboy!

Sights seen at Truck Stops: Old Cowboy buys Smokes on CA Hwy 101

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This guy moved like a twangy old country music tune. Slow, strong and regular. Horseless cowboy traveling California State Highway 101 by truck, he stopped to buy smokes. Got shot in the back and never knew it. One, two, three: Snap!