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Want a Big Cock? Try Radiation!

20131109-211154.jpgRadiation Range? Well, it worked with vegetables on Gilligan’s Island. Maybe it’s just a mid-century myth. It could always back-fire into a micro-bantam. Hate when That happens! Cockadoodledoo…

My Horse is bigger than your Horse…of course.


According to The Bear, rumor has it that Lorne Greene, on the right, was “family” and had a thing for Asian guys…

Sight seen at Elmer’s in Palm Springs. Restaurant decorated with historic photographs.

Rural Mural: Saddle Bronc Champ

Don Coleman. Circa 1930s. Cowboy. Silent Movie Star. Rancher. Saddle Bronc Champ. And local boy. Mural in downtown Willits. Mendocino County in Northern California. For a real cowboy in Willits, click here. For an even older cowboy, here.

Bucking Bronco, Whipping Cowboy

Ride ’em, Cowboy! Throw ’em, Bronco!

Photo postcard published by Chas. E. Morris, Chinook Montana, 1906. Early color process. Collection of Gay Highwaymen.

Nut Fan gnaws raw Balls at Testicle Festival.

Have a ball! It’s the original sack lunch. They are called Testicle Festivals or Ball Balls, and they are popular annual events across the American West. It’s how young bulls become steers. Following the mass castrations of male cattle, local communities come together to feast on their excised gonads: the famed “Rocky Mountain” or “Prairie” oysters. Yum! Here, an avid nutter goes for his favorite dish. Most people cook them. This dude is hard core! Festivals range from the drunk and rowdy to the strangely evangelical and family-oriented. “Have a Ball for Jesus!” is the slogan of one Texas fest. Thanks to Jake Hale for sending us down this road. For more strange food, click here.

Bad Boy Bucking Bulls!