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Valentines Day is Nutz…

Via pal of this site, Big Gay Al.

An Empress and a Gentleman: So Long, Jose Sarria…

20130824-113529.jpg Soldier. Homosexual. Native Son. Candidate. Empress. Activist. Gentleman. Widow. San Francisco Legend. R.I.P. Jose Sarria, aka the Nightengale of Montgomery St, the Widow Norton and Empress Jose I. born December 12, 1922/23. died August 19, 2013.
First Gay Candidate.

Empress of San Francisco.

Regal Departure.

(Haiku for Jose Sarria)

Funeral service at 11am on Friday, September 6th at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Internment in Colma, reception at Lookout Bar on 16th Street.

Mike Caffee, who knew Jose, says his friends sometimes jokingly called him “the Nightmare of Montgomery Street” – instead of “Nightengale!”

The Bay Area Reporter has more here.

Photos 1, 2 & 4 Courtesy of the GLBT Historical Society (San Francisco).

Nut Fan gnaws raw Balls at Testicle Festival.

Have a ball! It’s the original sack lunch. They are called Testicle Festivals or Ball Balls, and they are popular annual events across the American West. It’s how young bulls become steers. Following the mass castrations of male cattle, local communities come together to feast on their excised gonads: the famed “Rocky Mountain” or “Prairie” oysters. Yum! Here, an avid nutter goes for his favorite dish. Most people cook them. This dude is hard core! Festivals range from the drunk and rowdy to the strangely evangelical and family-oriented. “Have a Ball for Jesus!” is the slogan of one Texas fest. Thanks to Jake Hale for sending us down this road. For more strange food, click here.