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A little Leather…

Via pal of this site Big Gay Al. He’s not on South Park. He’s South of Market. And here. Want more Sex Dwarf? Here. No idea this pic’s pedigree. It’s “from the Internet.” Know more? Inquiring minds always appreciate provenance!

Whatever you do, wear Skivvies!

Originally a brand name, like “Kleenex” – “Skivvies” had a contract to supply the armed forces and became generic military slang for underwear – shorts and tees…

Real Rural

This guy would spend his last dime to ride bulls…how about you?

New ad campaign I saw on BART today: Real Rural. Tag line is “Stories and Photographs from the Rest of California.”



Stanford Men’s Bathroom Art

In my time at Stanford, I have seen some of the most fascinating, profound, thought-provoking, and hilarious bathroom graffiti of my life. This piece is one of the less cerebral contributions to the repository of high art and culture that is the Stanford Main Quad restrooms.
Seen in Pigott Hall, Building 260 (Language department) of Stanford’s Main Quad. Author and paint substance unknown.


Purple Ties.

I saw this display of purple ties in a fiercely heterosexual part of upstate New York. The intended market was clearly not my queer self, nor my gay brothers…but the local breeders. Metrosexuality is still in, and if straight men in the burbs are willing to invest upwards of $75 for a purple tie (or a pink shirt, which were abundant in the display next to this one), I’m guessing this trend here to stay. Which is fine by me – men’s erstwhile color-phobia, that irrational fear that someone would think they were ladies (or lady-like) if they wore pink or purple has always seemed a little silly to me.


Rest stop toilet sign

Embellished sign, outside a highway rest stop toilet in northern WA… incidentally, the shortest, skimpiest restroom walls I’ve ever seen. Anti-cruising measure?


Men Kissing…sexy slide show.

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Facebook, that gleaming bastion of Internet freedom, is purportedly zapping pics of same-sex kisses. FB users have responded with Kissing is Cool, a virtual public event and discussion. More on that here. For revolutionary Egyptian kisses, click here and here.

Styles of Masculinity in early 20th Century Photography…Sights Seen in Old Snap Shots

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Plucked from a California photo box in a Sonoma County Antique Mall: boxers, cowboys, dads, dandies, hunters, footballers, motorists, photographers, sailors, soldiers, sons, students, swimmers, tough guys, workers, writers and other interesting men and boys. Vernacular snap-shots from the first half of the twentieth century.