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Vintage Coolness: Hot Mounties and K9 Crew

20120307-192951.jpgWoof, woof, woof, woof and woof! Oh…and the Canadian Mounted Police aren’t a bad-looking pack, either!

Whatever you do, wear Skivvies!

Originally a brand name, like “Kleenex” – “Skivvies” had a contract to supply the armed forces and became generic military slang for underwear – shorts and tees…

Paddle and Saddle for active Lads and Dads!

Styled for Satisfaction!

This vintage Bud Ad’s for You: the Rape of Ganymede!

In the classic Greek myth, the god Zeus assumes the form of an eagle to carry off the beautiful youth Ganymede and have his way with him sexually. A rapacious bunch, those old pagan deities! In the early 20th century, Anheuser-Busch adapted the story to advertise Budweiser. Kinky bunch, those old Victorian admen! This image circa 1904.

Vintage San Francisco Eagle Poster 1981 Uyvari

This hot retro stud is from the studio of Milwaukee artist Robert Anthony Uyvari. More on him here. Lots more on the recently defunct SF Eagle here.
From the collections of Gay Highwaymen.

Sexy Old Photographer

Seen in Ferndale, California. Hairy forearms. Braces. Old Box Camera. Cool!