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Hey, Leathermen! March with the Marshall…

San Francisco Pride Leather Marshall Steve Gaynes at The 15 Association’s beer bust at the SF Eagle. Gaynes will be pulled by a human pony in a cart up Market Street, heading up the Leather contingent at what promises to be the biggest, most festive Pride ever. You know why! This is the year to march. Gaynes is a local businessman, active in the community, a fraternal member of The 15, husband of artist Richard Bolingbroke, and Dad to a few lucky boys. A well-deserved honor!

San Francisco Leather Marshal elected at new SF Eagle!

On the patio of the newly re-opened SF Eagle – Mr. Steve Gaynes, the freshly-elected male Leather Marshal for SF Pride, 2013 – with His boys Rob and Eric. Congratulations, Sir!
Photo: Gay Highwaymen

Vintage San Francisco Eagle Poster 1981 Uyvari

This hot retro stud is from the studio of Milwaukee artist Robert Anthony Uyvari. More on him here. Lots more on the recently defunct SF Eagle here.
From the collections of Gay Highwaymen.

Endangered Leather Species Alert: SF Eagle gone, NYC Eagle threatened…

Gay marriage passes in NYC. On the same night, the Eagle NYC is raided. Some insiders think this is the beginning of the end for the bar. Will this be the latest Leather institution lost to the forces of gentrification? Jeremiah from Vanishing New York seem to think so.  Unicorn Booty reports from Gotham. For the death throes of the SF Eagle, click here, here, and  here. For the graffiti that sprouted after the doors shut, here.

Stay Gay! SF’s Eagle Bar sprouts Critical Graffiti Wall – Big Slide Show

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It has been  a few weeks now since the SF Eagle closed its doors. No bikes out front, no men inside, chained shut, it sits empty. But not silent. Its walls speak. In several languages, actually. Graffiti farewells and protests decorate the outside of the once vibrant gathering place. What comes next, no one knows. For more on the demise of the beloved San Francisco Leather bar, click here, here, here, and here.

The end of the San Francisco Eagle…or is it? Pics and rumors.

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The San Francisco Eagle Tavern closed its doors this last weekend. Rumors that it would stay open another month proved unfounded. Is this the end of The Eagle? Self-styled San Francisco “Master of Real Estate” Seth Munter thinks it isn’t. He writes on Facebook: “The Eagle will rise again. John and Joe have no choice but to make sure the Eagle re-opens. They can and they will. Why? Because they cannot AFFORD to do anything else but see that the Eagle reopens. Otherwise, they will lose The Hole In The Wall…” Interesting political logic. For the entire post, click here. For pictures of condos that have been proposed for the site, click here. For a list of all the gay Leather bars called The Eagle, here.

Gay Guerrilla Leather Bar at Straight Skylark in San Francisco #SaveTheSFEagle!

What else do we do in Leather bars other than wear leather, socialize and drink? We make out, grope, slap face and ass, suck cock, drink piss, eat cigar ashes, trade gut punches, whip and get whipped, talk trash, fuck in corners, lick boots, tap sacs, work on nips, use the slaves, and so forth. In short, we have Leathersex, or at the very least our rough version of foreplay.

In the tradition of Queer Nation Kiss Ins and the club activist Guerrilla Gay Bar scene, the San Francisco-based ad hoc Save the Eagle gang is organizing a takeover of the straight Mission district hipster bar The Skylark. Its owner is purportedly involved with underhanded machinations to acquire the lease and license on the Eagle space – and turn it into a straight bar. See more here and here.

So tonight, the Skylark goes “Leather” for the night. Well, sort of. The idea is to wear Leather, use pink highlighters to encode paper money as “gay” and spend money at the bar. If everyone “respects the space that we are borrowing tonight” as the organizers suggest, then everyone may mix just fine. This begs the question: why even have our own spaces? WE know why. But – how do we show them why…while still respecting their space? That’s a hard one!

From organizers Kyle DeVries and Anna Glendon Conda Hyde: “Tonight at 8 dress in leather and head to the Skylark bar on 16th. Mark your money with a pink pen or marker so that it is seen as coming from our community. This is not about harming the Skylark but rather showing what would be lost if the Eagle went away and showing how queer space is not always the same as “just any bar”. We as a community should be vocal and visible while respecting the space that we are borrowing tonight.

So far the Skylark has not signed a lease due to public pressure. We are the first step closer to saving the Eagle. The Board of Supervisors issued a Commendation Certificate in recognition of the Eagles efforts in raising over 3 million dollars during its 30 year run for the queer community and are working to have the space land marked. They are also hoping to work with the concerned parties to negotiate a way to keep the Eagle as a space for our community.

Thanks for showing up and especially to the 15 people who stayed till 730 to make public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting after 6 hours of waiting.

The people united can not be divided. Deep respect Anna and Kyle”

Leather for Condos: San Francisco’s Eagle Tavern forced to close its Doors by the end of the Month.

Neighborhoods change. Once a dozen Leather bars lined Folsom. And then there were none. The Eagle Tavern has been a longtime mainstay of San Francisco’s diverse Leather communities. A friendly, informal place with a large patio, the Eagle has also been unique in being able to support a generous mix of queer subcultures in relative harmony. Sunday afternoons would see Leathermen and drag queens, queer stoners, musicians, hipsters and quipsters all sharing the same sunny patio.

Building proposed for site of current SF Eagle

Now the owner of the building and the site won’t renew the lease. The new year brought rumors that it would be sold to developers, and this latest news supports that. Money talks. The Eagle is a one-story sprawling quirky thing under the freeway. The above rendition is the slick new multi-use building that is proposed for the site. Joe Jervis of the popular gay blog Joe. My. God. said: “I’ve had some fantastic times at the ramshackle, broke down, SF Eagle. Most of my favorite bars have been in that sort of condition.” But when money talks, neighborhoods clean up. Soon it will even be safe for the children. Isn’t that nice?

A community action planning meeting to brainstorm ways to save the Eagle is taking place TONIGHT, Monday, 2011, at The Eagle. The ad hoc committee is organizing on Facebook here. The Eagle is located at 398 12th Street at Harrison, by the freeway.

South of Market has been changing for a long time. For a historical perspective on the shifts, and the political attitudes that shape them them, Leather historian Gayle Rubin has considerable insight. This is from 1989:

“South of Market has been undergoing so much rapid change in recent years that many of its current habitues are unaware of or uneasy about its recent past. The newspapers endlessly repeat a mantra of how brave pioneers — usually restauranteurs catering to an “upscale” crowd — have wrested the area away from the “lowlife” elements that once made the area “undesirable.” This point of view rests on the assumption that it is “right” and “good” when “disreputable” populations such as gay people, the poor, or people of color are displaced by wealthier, whiter, straighter, more “respectable” folk.

Gay “leathermen” are one of the most visible and least understood of the ostensibly vanishing groups of SOMA aboriginals. Reading about the world of leather in the straight press is a bit like reading the reports about indigenous peoples written by dumbfounded missionaries in the heyday of colonialism.

When I see the disappearance of its gay population used an indicator of the South of Market “renaissance,” I am reminded of the ways white settlers in North America spoke of the Native Americans they displaced.”

Excerpted from “Requiem for the Valley of the Leather Kings,” originally published in Southern Oracle, 1989

Updates here.

Sights Seen at the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Progressive Dinner

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On the 11th of September, a few dozen Leathermen and some women participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance‘s annual progressive dinner. Starters were served at Mr. S Leather, soup and salad at The Powerhouse, main course at The SF Eagle and dessert at The Lone Star. The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is a coalition of twelve leather, fetish and motorcycle oriented clubs in the South-of-Market Area LBGT community.