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Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Homeless old Man feeds Pigeons with a Rat on his Head.


Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Angel Boy plays Guitar


Art Crime: Naked Artists Occupy Wall Street in Ocularpation

Ocularpation is a project of New York artist Zefrey Throwell. It started in San Francisco in 2008, and has apparently found a plum context in the ongoing occupation of Wall Street. The image here is from an August iteration of the project, before the current occupation got under way. Throwell says of the neologism and the project: “Ocularpation is a new contraction. Its root comes from occupation, with the dual connotation of both a job done for money, as well as a military or strategic encampment. Ocular, or pertaining to the eye, cements the meaning of the word in a visual context. This is an act of optical guerilla office bivouac.” In short, miming office work in the buff in some of the major financial centers of the world. Of course, some of the naked artists have been arrested. Throwell bails them out. But what about the real criminals…? More Ocularpation here.

Stop for Zoltron!


Kook Both Ways

Is this an example of the city’s attempts to keep its Yiddish-speaking citizens safe when they cross the street (“Kook” is Yiddish for “Look,” the usual word spray-painted in SF crosswalks)…or a graffiti artist’s commentary on the eccentricity of San Francisco’s citizenry?
Seen on Folsom St. in the Mission.


Beautiful SOMA Banksy – Hot Rat!


Banksy on 9th St. SF. Photo: Gay Highwaymen, Dec 2010.

Banksy! We snapped this shot on 9th St between Folsom and Harrison Streets in San Francisco’s SOMA (South of Market) district some time back. Popped up “just so” during last year’s run of Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Hey, B,…if you ever want to extend your marvelous marks into the rural fabulosity of NorCal, you are invited. Hospitality, anonymity, great groovy walls and other cool surfaces guaranteed!

NY Times Article: Chewing Gum Art in London

Interesting article in the New York Times: artist Ben Wilson makes art out of tiny blobs of gum on London Sidewalks. You can read the article here.

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Stay Gay! SF’s Eagle Bar sprouts Critical Graffiti Wall – Big Slide Show

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It has been  a few weeks now since the SF Eagle closed its doors. No bikes out front, no men inside, chained shut, it sits empty. But not silent. Its walls speak. In several languages, actually. Graffiti farewells and protests decorate the outside of the once vibrant gathering place. What comes next, no one knows. For more on the demise of the beloved San Francisco Leather bar, click here, here, here, and here.

Homotextual Slide Show: Obey Milk Now, Christian Underpants, and…

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…other sights and signs seen in the Castro District and other assorted San Francisco City sites. For more homotexuality, click here and here.

Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez! Mardi Gras Krewe of St. Anne

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…and The Krewe of Guns in Churches and the very vegetative Krewe Dite’ and other assorted Krewes, Walking and Rambling Clubs, Pleasure and Social Clubs and plenty of Brass Bandage. For more on the Krewe of St. Anne, click here. For “Show Us Your Dick!”- a slide show showing the throwing of beads at boys from the balcony at Lafitte’s, click here.