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Good Words for Today…or any Day.


No Dogs Allowed!


Sight seen at Hillsborough Antique Show: Horny Toads Fuck on Money Clip!


Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Homeless old Man feeds Pigeons with a Rat on his Head.


Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Angel Boy plays Guitar


WC (water closet) Fields: Mens Room Sign Seen


Si, Señor! Mens Room Sign Seen


Magnet Sign seen: Bevan Dufty…for Gay Mayor of #SanFrancisco #GOTV

Friend of this site Bevan Dufty is running for Mayor of San Francisco. Bevan is not the only good candidate for Mayor, but he is the only gay one, and his election would be historical. He is a life-long public servant who would be an effective and hands-on Mayor. Other popular candidates in our circles include interim Mayor Ed Lee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Senator Leland Yee. Best of luck to all the candidates in the race, and here’s hoping not TOO much blood will be shed tomorrow.
Sign seen at Magnet SF.

Sight seen at North Hollywood Diner: Naked Minoan Fisherboy!

Lots of quirky decor in this NoHo institution. Andrew’s North Hollywood Diner has been in business since 1959, and is open 24 hours a day.

Bear Sighting at Hillsborough Antique Show!