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Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Homeless old Man feeds Pigeons with a Rat on his Head.


Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Angel Boy plays Guitar


House of the Naked Davids! Campy LA Landmark up for Sale

Norwood Young's "House of the Naked Davids"

Nineteen naked “Davids” festoon the Hancock Park residence of Norwood Young. The huge reproductions of Michelangelo’s famous statue have not always been popular with Young’s neighbors. His decorating choices have made him the subject of several lawsuits over the years. He notes of the sale: “It’s up to the new owner to decide what to do with all the David statues.” For the LA Times article, plus a video of the strange spread, click here.

Soldiers spoof Beach Boys Kokomo: “Protecting human rights, air strikes and firefights” – “Kosovo” video

This anonymous group of soldiers re-does The Beach Boys Kokomo with a hyper-critical anti-war edge. Plus they dance with their shirts off.

“Croatia, Albania, somewhere near Romania. It’s Euro. And NATO. Why the hell do we go? Somalia, Grenada, a rescue in Kuwait, well screw you, Rwanda. Wish we could have helped you.

Protecting human rights. Air strikes and firefights. And we’ll be dropping our bombs wherever Serbian bad guys hide, right up from Kosovo.”

So it’s a dated war. Meet the new war. Same as the old war. These guys got it.

For a parody of Lady Gaga’s Telephone by soldiers in Afghanistan, click here.

Ahoy, boys! Happy Veteran’s Day to our Mermen in Uniform…

Happy Veteran’s Day from friend of this site George Wong. Thanks, George! These sexy mermen sailors make me want to pull in a dock. Ahoy, boys…and thanks so much for your Service!

Update for Veteran’s Day, 2011: George Wong passed away this past summer. He will be missed.