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Minneapolis reflections.

When I visited Minneapolis. Minnesota earlier this week, I was struck by all of the reflective surface on the downtown skyscrapers, and the way they blended with the architecture of Minneapolis. This is a picture of one of the skyscrapers (a Wells Fargo building, I believe), reflecting an old stone church that stands next to it.


House of the Naked Davids! Campy LA Landmark up for Sale

Norwood Young's "House of the Naked Davids"

Nineteen naked “Davids” festoon the Hancock Park residence of Norwood Young. The huge reproductions of Michelangelo’s famous statue have not always been popular with Young’s neighbors. His decorating choices have made him the subject of several lawsuits over the years. He notes of the sale: “It’s up to the new owner to decide what to do with all the David statues.” For the LA Times article, plus a video of the strange spread, click here.

Today in Phallic Architecture: Lincoln’s own Penis of the Prairies!

Penis of the Prairies - State Capital Building, Lincoln Nebraska

The Penis of the Prairies! That’s what locals call the State Capital building in Lincoln, Nebraska. It is easy to see why, and (oh so) very hard to miss! Not the first time political power has been represented by a monumental erection,  nor will it be the last. From paleo to techno, the metaphor holds. More soon.

San Juan Bautista One-Room Jail…Cozy!

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These old one-room jail cells are common in the American West. It seems that every mission town and stagecoach stop had one. Some had fold-down plank beds, others had bunks. This one features a metal cot with attached shackles. No night-time escapees! Most had a jug for washing and a hole for a toilet. Sometimes, a chair. Luxury lifestyle living! The San Juan jail was built in 1870.

The Dragon Shotgun


Shotgun is the style of architecture. The dragon bit is obvious.