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San Juan Bautista One-Room Jail…Cozy!

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These old one-room jail cells are common in the American West. It seems that every mission town and stagecoach stop had one. Some had fold-down plank beds, others had bunks. This one features a metal cot with attached shackles. No night-time escapees! Most had a jug for washing and a hole for a toilet. Sometimes, a chair. Luxury lifestyle living! The San Juan jail was built in 1870.

The Wild Cocks of San Juan Bautista

Cockadoodledoo! San Juan Bautista is known for its mission. It is less well known for its feral chicken population. Cocks everywhere. Some hens and chicks, too. They congregate in people’s yards, cross roads in flocks and the roosters of course crow regularly. Local opinions on the feral fowl are mixed. Some celebrate them, others consider them a nuisance. Here’ a splendid specimen of California wild cock.