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It Came from Outside…sneak preview!

Preview shot of It Came from Outside! At Big Umbrella Studios in San Francisco. Good art, good cause, good grief! Curated by resident coy bad boy koi artist and queer street art historian Jeremy Novy.

Shoot! (for the Stars…)

Seen on the side of an electrical box in rural Mendocino County, just north of Ft. Bragg. Check out his giant Indian Club

Cool Camera Street Art Seen

Snap! Stencil art old school camera seen on the base of a pole, near SOMA ‘hood in San Francisco.

More boy love/lust graffiti in SF



This one is on a traffic light post on Market Street in San Francisco near Church St.

“I WHAT Cock?” – Construction Sign Self-Expression



Seen in Hayes Valley near the LGBT Center in San Francisco. This Tow-Away Zone sign has, in my opinion, been much improved by the graffiti.

Suck Dick, Save the World

A note to my friendly neighborhood graffiti artist: I appreciate your beautiful message – sucking dick sounds like as good a way to save the world as any, perhaps better than most. However, you might choose a more contrasting paint color next time; with black-on-brown, your message gets lost. Next time, might I propose a tasteful shade of blue?


A Vandal and a Slut…

Polish Arts? Pole Dancing? Try Pole Philosophy! Sign seen on a phone pole in San Francisco’s Castro District.

Vigilante Graffiti Bear



BART art – seen on the inside of a recycling bin at the 16th Street Mission BART station in San Francisco.


Sight seen in Clarion Alley: Angel Boy plays Guitar