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Shoot! (for the Stars…)

Seen on the side of an electrical box in rural Mendocino County, just north of Ft. Bragg. Check out his giant Indian Club

The Saturday Evening Saint Valentine Post

These days, this little fellow would probably get the censors in an uproar. In the early part of the 20th century, this image provoked no such concern. Does that make that era a “more innocent age” – as many might suggest? At that time, a kid this age could as easily have been working in a factory or attending a lynching as gracing the cover of a respected magazine half-naked. Innocence is overrated. And security is an illusion.

Hard Time Cupid gets his Valentine’s Day Happy On

Point. And. Shoot!

When we first published this, we had no idea about the provenance on this delicious vintage-looking image.

Patrick Mulcahey informs us that the model is John Pruitt, a favorite of Colt Publishing. Gerard Koskovich ids the photographer as Jim French, aka Rip Colt. Thanks, Guys!