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Married at last! Gay pair make it official on 30th anniversary…


They raised children and have grandchildren. After 30 years, it is official. 

The wedding took place in Hayward, California, on the patio at The Turf Club, the second oldest gay bar in the San Francisco Bay Area. The White Horse is the oldest.   

Springtime flowers for an equinox joining.   

Is it a bear? Is it a dog? Could be both! Lots of critters and plenty of 15 Asociation men showing colors.   Fresh ink. Hey, Tiger!   Nutritious and delicious! Well, delicious, anyway.     Reception at the home of the old/new couple. Enjoying the reception. Congratulations!  

Love beats H8: “Marry Me, Man!” – Phelps family horrified, natch…


Groovy! I think he is going to say yes. The Phelps don’t like it, though. Poor things. Photo via cool vintage gay singer/songwriter Blackberri and the Son of Baldwin blog – the literary, socio-political, sexual, pop culture blog live from Bedford-Stuyvesant.

More boy love/lust graffiti in SF



This one is on a traffic light post on Market Street in San Francisco near Church St.

Fresh Ink!! Gay Leather Love Lock…and Key.

Every lock needs a good key. The Rogue Scholar’s got the key to the Texan. Thanks to Brucius of Brucius Tats for the cool ink!

Inking the Texan…finished Lovelock


Inking the Texan…Drawings of the Lovelock


Inking the Texan…the Chain


Inking The Texan…the Double Js


Inking The Texan…The Guns.

We are doing this at the kitchen table. The artist came up the coast from his shop in the City…San Francisco.

Inking the Texan…Stencil Stuff

Preparing to ink The Texan…more to come.