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Sight Seen at Dore #UpYourAlley Fair: Hot boy cool tats!

This must be the place! Horny bone ink rules, ok? Dore Alley / Up Your Alley fair. San Francisco 2012. For a cool slide show from last years fair, click here. For human pups at play, here. Courtesy SF K-9 Unit. That would be the kinky crew, not the special tactical unit of the SFPD…

Cracker Cop meets Tattoo Thug…

What is it about cops and robbers? We all played that as kids, but the sizzle seems to stay. Most of the cops and ex-cops we know are hot for criminals. Sometimes, it goes both ways. This pic courtesy of friend of this site (the real) Big Gay Al – another ex-cop who’s hard for the thugs…

Fresh Ink!! Gay Leather Love Lock…and Key.

Every lock needs a good key. The Rogue Scholar’s got the key to the Texan. Thanks to Brucius of Brucius Tats for the cool ink!

Inking The Texan…The Guns.

We are doing this at the kitchen table. The artist came up the coast from his shop in the City…San Francisco.

Hot Inked Long Beach Thug…

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…glares, poses, flips us off two-fisted, grabs his crotch off-frame. Point. And. Shoot! Ah, the perils and pleasures of surveillance.  Now, Papi?