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SF Eagle sports cool vintage bar art. Texan digs it!



Cool bar art in the patio of the SF Eagle. Paint on plywood. Big! The Texan has fun with them. That’s ex-Texan, meaning from Texas and the operative word is FROM. The artist is Webster, 1998 vintage. In the style of that Finnish guy, Tom.

Cracker Cop meets Tattoo Thug…

What is it about cops and robbers? We all played that as kids, but the sizzle seems to stay. Most of the cops and ex-cops we know are hot for criminals. Sometimes, it goes both ways. This pic courtesy of friend of this site (the real) Big Gay Al – another ex-cop who’s hard for the thugs…

Serving, Protecting and Looking Back: San Francisco City Cop Seen

This guy was cruising the Mission district, looking for trouble when he looked into the eye of the camera. No flesh eye contact here ever, but the gaze persists. I see you seeing me seeing you. Do you see? An arresting stare that begins, and ends…right there.