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When a Cigar Tube is a Seed Container…

Freud quipped that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but of course he knew better. Last year’s seeds are now in a tube from last year’s smoke. This summer, they’ll be this summer’s sunflowers. Next winter, last year’s seed again…and so it flows.

A Vandal and a Slut…

Polish Arts? Pole Dancing? Try Pole Philosophy! Sign seen on a phone pole in San Francisco’s Castro District.

Road Kill…why not?

Can you see beauty in ugliness? Or is it playing in the dirt? More here and here.

You’d Better Beware!

Not because of x-mas and the Nasty Santas. But all the time. Cause Big Brother IS watching. So is Big Lots. And Bob’s Big Boy and Big Mac and the rest of the big bad corporate people. What? They are people, aren’t they? Must be. Says so in the big legal tomes and on the bigger Internet. Prove they’re not. See? Now…prove you are. Hah!

Rise Up! The REAL 99%…

The real 99% isn’t even human. Think there’s an evil elite and everybody else is innocent victim-pie? That’s not even cute on Saturday morning cartoons. We are all complicit. Everything eats and is eaten. Bert sez: Food is the first thing mortals follow on. And that’s where it begins…

Photo Gay Highwaymen from a poster seen on Market Street in San Francisco

Nowhere over the Rainbow…

Pleasant Grove, Alabama

350+ dead in the American South. Tornadoes suck, slash, pull broken bits skyward to deposit them Elsewhere. Where the fuck is Dorothy? Alabama is the worst hit. What next? Don’t think You are getting out alive. None of Us are…not Me, not You, not My brother, not Your mother, none of Us. That’s the way it works. None of Us. God’s THE Top; He’s got a wicked sick sense of humor and guess what, beloved children? This is a snuff scene. Walk laughing and aware into the maw of death, an open-mouthed Orpheus. I had a dream once and woke up and thought: “Death in Los Angeles…drive into the light, drive into the light…” And then I woke up. Good night.
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