Nowhere over the Rainbow…

Pleasant Grove, Alabama

350+ dead in the American South. Tornadoes suck, slash, pull broken bits skyward to deposit them Elsewhere. Where the fuck is Dorothy? Alabama is the worst hit. What next? Don’t think You are getting out alive. None of Us are…not Me, not You, not My brother, not Your mother, none of Us. That’s the way it works. None of Us. God’s THE Top; He’s got a wicked sick sense of humor and guess what, beloved children? This is a snuff scene. Walk laughing and aware into the maw of death, an open-mouthed Orpheus. I had a dream once and woke up and thought: “Death in Los Angeles…drive into the light, drive into the light…” And then I woke up. Good night.
For a Munchkin, who is not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead, click here.

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