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Other Blogs: The Gay Manifesto. “Survival is a Choice”

An interesting counterpoint to the stereotype of the urban, liberal, out and proud gay, the author of The Gay Manifesto is rural, more libertarian than liberal and off the grid and proud. He describes himself: “I am a pissed off Gay American living off-grid in the mountains of Southern Colorado. I built my own cabin, grow most of my own food, generate my own power and brew my own beer…”

Delicious Pizza boy and Titan Man: another sexy gay table top still life.

Nutritious and delicious! Cool young art things Ricky and Mike make pizza. Titan Man looks on. He turns up in another sexy gay table top still life here.

The Poodle and the Pitbull…

Jam the Giant Red Poodle loves Smokey Joe, the beautiful Blue Nose Pit Bull Terrier. Smokey Joe is a sweetheart. And Jam is tough. So much for the stereotypes. Woof! More Jam here.

Sexy Gay Tabletop Still Life

A succulent, a cicada, a couple of heirloom tomato plants in yogurt containers, Titan Men’s 2012 Calendar: what happened to be on the rural gay kitchen table this morning. iPhone photo: GH

When a Cigar Tube is a Seed Container…

Freud quipped that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but of course he knew better. Last year’s seeds are now in a tube from last year’s smoke. This summer, they’ll be this summer’s sunflowers. Next winter, last year’s seed again…and so it flows.

Hornets Nest Readymade Art. Really.

What’s the buzz? Hornet nest on caulking board. Nest about the size of a football. 2011.