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Other Blogs: The Gay Manifesto. “Survival is a Choice”

An interesting counterpoint to the stereotype of the urban, liberal, out and proud gay, the author of The Gay Manifesto is rural, more libertarian than liberal and off the grid and proud. He describes himself: “I am a pissed off Gay American living off-grid in the mountains of Southern Colorado. I built my own cabin, grow most of my own food, generate my own power and brew my own beer…”

DIY – maker culture an antidote to consumer culture?

Build your own house. Write your own code. Fix your own sink. Grow your own vegetables. Sew your own clothes. Kill your own chickens. Play your own music. Run your own festival. Recycle. Reuse. Be independent. Be interdependent. Don’t buy it. Make it. Mod it. Do it yourself. Add to the list.

Look at a nice slide show of Butch Anthony’s backwoods design via the New York Times.