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Magnet Sign seen: Bevan Dufty…for Gay Mayor of #SanFrancisco #GOTV

Friend of this site Bevan Dufty is running for Mayor of San Francisco. Bevan is not the only good candidate for Mayor, but he is the only gay one, and his election would be historical. He is a life-long public servant who would be an effective and hands-on Mayor. Other popular candidates in our circles include interim Mayor Ed Lee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Senator Leland Yee. Best of luck to all the candidates in the race, and here’s hoping not TOO much blood will be shed tomorrow.
Sign seen at Magnet SF.

San Francisco Castro District’s New Gay Supe: Scott Wiener sworn in as D8 Supervisor

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In the 30-some years since Harvey Milk held the Castro district seat, it has become almost a tradition for the San Francisco District 8 supervisor to be gay. Scott Wiener, who was sworn in on Saturday, follows Bevan Dufty, who replaced Mark Leno. Both gay. Dufty is now planning a run for mayor, and Leno is a state senator. Before that, lesbians Susan Leal and Roberta Achtenberg held the spot.  Wiener’s opponents were Rafael Mandelman and Rebecca Prozan. Gay and gay. Wiener beat the further-left Mandelman and the fellow moderate Prozan to take the 8th district. Wiener joins District 9 Supervisor David Campos to double the current gay composition of the board. Congratulations, Scott, and Good Luck!