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Mussel Otter wants to…

We’ve been making memes. This is a Gayhighwaymeme. 

Inky gods’ stray musings from the Prophat of the Church of More Men…

IMG_3712A more complete history of the fresh Lika Braz octopus ink to follow.

Godzilla and King Kong make out on Bearded Bear Chest.

A bit of politically charged inter-species homoerotic textile, tastefully decorating a bit of ursine chest. End of the world monster love rules. Ok! Photo Gay Highwaymen. shot in the patio at the Forest Club in Ukiah.

Big Boy: Bigger Gator!

And a big toothy grin on this giant reptile. Snap! Ouch. Watch out. Don’t let it do the spin. Can’t blame it for wanting a taste of this delicious looking boy, though.

Photo: Aquaglades. Murphy Bros. Press Inc. This 12 foot American Alligator was estimated to be 100 years old. Photo postcard circa mid 20th century. Collection Gay Highwaymen


We know. Cause we shot it. With an iPhone camera! Maybe an indicator… But not a spiny lumpsucker. Hah. Indicating…what?!

Fucking Bats! Seriously.

Spring brings a cluster
Furry brown activity
Making more of us

The Buddha Nature drops dope rhymes. Photo postcard collection of Gay Highwaymen.

Sight seen at Hillsborough Antique Show: Horny Toads Fuck on Money Clip!


Antiquarian Frog…really.


Frog Days of Summer…country tech Cali haiku and iPad photo


Long deck warm fall day…
Flop! What? Leg! Leap. Where? Table.
iPad. Snap! Gotcha!