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Happy 4/20 at 4:20, 4/20!

Dionysius of the Emerald Triangle makes a cyanotype self-portrait. Cool! The Buddha Nature grows his own. It takes one to Noh one. Happy April 20, green heads! And Hi, Kid. For Green Man Cumming, the Spring Equinox version, click here.

Fucking Bats! Seriously.

Spring brings a cluster
Furry brown activity
Making more of us

The Buddha Nature drops dope rhymes. Photo postcard collection of Gay Highwaymen.

NOT for the Arachnophobic…

Eight legs. Lots of eyes. Eats flesh. Does the Buddha Nature give you the creeps? It’s just hunting tiny prey at a miniature watering hole. Bon apetit!


The Buddha Nature does WHAT, Marcel?


One Day’s Harvest and…

…what we did with it. Nutritious and Delicious! The Buddha Nature grows its own.



More Morning Frog


Wet Ass. Deep Grunts. Bulging Eyes. What? Cool morning Frog at Twisted Timbers.
Yes. Gay Highwaymen IS getting all Basho on y’all.

Another Morning Frog here.

Morning Frog. Really.

Sitting on its wet ass in a flower pot. the Buddha Nature croaks. 20110815-012010.jpg

The Buddha Nature…