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Gay Activism and Iran: Do Western Activists Do More Harm Than Good? (Link to article by Scott Long)

Scott Long, LGBTQ human rights activist and visiting fellow in the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School, just posted an article on Western LGBTQ activists and the purported “gay executions” in recent years in Iran, which I would recommend. While the LGBTQ and even mainstream Western press has reported several high-profile cases in recent years, Long believes that the situations may have been misrepresented, in some cases making things worse, and in some cases obfuscating matters. Long writes that

No one who launched the story has bothered to follow up the facts.

Among the observations that Mr. Long makes:

It’s certainly possible that the four men in Charam are “gay” or hamjensgara, and have been framed. It’s certainly also possible that they raped an “effeminate” victim, and that he is the one who suffered for sexual dissidence. Quite possibly, in fact, that’s the pattern underlying these stories of rape. In other words, conceivably [Western activists] have spent all these years speechifying and pontificating in support not of “gays,” but of their persecutors. The point is: We don’t know.

Agree or disagree, it’s worth reading and considering. What happens when we step in to “help” without having the full story? Does queer activism sometimes do more harm than good?


Walmart Bleacher makes Clean Escape! #BleachWalmart – Disgruntled Greeter or Next Phase of #OccupyWallstreet?

The Ukiah Daily Journal, the newspaper of record for the Mendocino County seat, reports that an unidentified man entered the Ukiah Walmart with a concealed bottle of bleach and spritzed $12,000 in clothing and other merchandise before making a clean escape. The man’s motives are unknown, the inventory is ruined, and the Ukiah police are seeking the suspect. A surveillance camera captured the culprit, seen above wearing a yellow Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show T-shirt. Looks to be as cute as he is cocky…hmmm. Read the Journal story here.

Art Crime: Naked Artists Occupy Wall Street in Ocularpation

Ocularpation is a project of New York artist Zefrey Throwell. It started in San Francisco in 2008, and has apparently found a plum context in the ongoing occupation of Wall Street. The image here is from an August iteration of the project, before the current occupation got under way. Throwell says of the neologism and the project: “Ocularpation is a new contraction. Its root comes from occupation, with the dual connotation of both a job done for money, as well as a military or strategic encampment. Ocular, or pertaining to the eye, cements the meaning of the word in a visual context. This is an act of optical guerilla office bivouac.” In short, miming office work in the buff in some of the major financial centers of the world. Of course, some of the naked artists have been arrested. Throwell bails them out. But what about the real criminals…? More Ocularpation here.

Nabbed “Departed” Mob Boss Bulger = surprisingly HOT as a Young Thug…

1953 Boston Police - James "Whitey" Bulger

His early mug shots attest to a certain brooding criminal sexiness. Whitey Bulger, the inspiration for Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, was arrested in Santa Monica earlier this month. The 82 year-old mobster ran Boston’s south side for decades and was responsible for dozens of gangland killings. Jack Nicholson portrayed him in the movie.

Pink Saturday Shootings in the Castro. One dead, two wounded.

Police secure the crime scene at Castro and Market Saturday night

On the eve of San Francisco’s annual Gay Pride parade and celebration, a young man was shot and killed. Another man and a woman were wounded. The suspect is in custody and the weapon has been recovered. The victim, Stephen Powell, and the suspect are both 19 years old.

In recent years, the Halloween celebration in the Castro has been plagued by “bridge and tunnel” violence, including some fatal incidents instigated by straight youths who use the masked occasion to settle beefs imported from the ‘burbs. It is not known at this time whether this incident was gang-related, gay drama related, a bashing…or what.

In other news, former Mr. SF Leather Ray Tilton reports via Facebook that he was roughed up by four unknown assailants outside of the 440 Club, site of the former Daddy’s bar. He is shaken and sore, but otherwise alright.

Local news and KPIX video is available at the CBS news channel 5 website.