Pink Saturday Shootings in the Castro. One dead, two wounded.

Police secure the crime scene at Castro and Market Saturday night

On the eve of San Francisco’s annual Gay Pride parade and celebration, a young man was shot and killed. Another man and a woman were wounded. The suspect is in custody and the weapon has been recovered. The victim, Stephen Powell, and the suspect are both 19 years old.

In recent years, the Halloween celebration in the Castro has been plagued by “bridge and tunnel” violence, including some fatal incidents instigated by straight youths who use the masked occasion to settle beefs imported from the ‘burbs. It is not known at this time whether this incident was gang-related, gay drama related, a bashing…or what.

In other news, former Mr. SF Leather Ray Tilton reports via Facebook that he was roughed up by four unknown assailants outside of the 440 Club, site of the former Daddy’s bar. He is shaken and sore, but otherwise alright.

Local news and KPIX video is available at the CBS news channel 5 website.

2 responses to “Pink Saturday Shootings in the Castro. One dead, two wounded.

  1. Hey, It’s me, Ray Tilton here, just wanted to point you to the Red Saturday group on FaceBook, we are having a rally this Saturday at 6 PM at 17th and Castro Plaza by Twin Peaks

  2. I was out of town for the weekend but a volunteer at the event felt that there was more drinking than usual and that there was “a heavy gangster/ghetto element” that disturbed him. (BTW he’s african-american and I didn’t get a chance to ask him for details.

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