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Leather Marshall in Human Pony Cart. Really!

SF Leather Marshall Steve Gaynes drawn by human pony cart up Market Street in San Francisco. Very kinky! That’s his boy, Rob, holding the banner and his female cohort Luna sharing the cart. Men of the 15 are bringing up the rear. It was a long, hot, trot…

Hot Leather Marshall in Hot SF Pride!

Steve Gaynes, Leather Marshall for SF Pride, 2013, waiting for the parade to start. Hot! More here.

Hey, Leathermen! March with the Marshall…

San Francisco Pride Leather Marshall Steve Gaynes at The 15 Association’s beer bust at the SF Eagle. Gaynes will be pulled by a human pony in a cart up Market Street, heading up the Leather contingent at what promises to be the biggest, most festive Pride ever. You know why! This is the year to march. Gaynes is a local businessman, active in the community, a fraternal member of The 15, husband of artist Richard Bolingbroke, and Dad to a few lucky boys. A well-deserved honor!

San Francisco Leather Marshal elected at new SF Eagle!

On the patio of the newly re-opened SF Eagle – Mr. Steve Gaynes, the freshly-elected male Leather Marshal for SF Pride, 2013 – with His boys Rob and Eric. Congratulations, Sir!
Photo: Gay Highwaymen

Sights seen at SF Pride 2011: Hot Boots, Hot Meat and Wild Wheels

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Hot Boots, Real Hot Meat and The Best Wheel Monitor Ever! For more sights seen at Pride click these BIG slideshows: The Leather Contingent, Hot Boys and Big Sexy Cameras. All photos: Gay Highwaymen.

Sights Seen at SF Pride: Cruising Sexy Big Cameras!

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When we got the sexy new camera, we became aware of the subculture of  camera cruising. Peeps with BIG cameras check each other out. Seriously. We see each others cameras first, and only THEN the person behind it. Cruisy banter often ensues: “Yours is big, but mine is bigger!” Ahhh…the joys and terrors of scopophilia!

Sights seen at SF Pride 2011 – Boy Oh Boys! – Sexy Slide Show.

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Ah, youth. Nutritious and delicious, sexy and silly. Is youth really wasted on the young? Worse ways to spend it IMO than on a sunny Sunday afternoon at San Francisco Pride. Captured with a click. Snap! For a Hot slide show of the Leather Contingent, click here. More soon.

Sights seen at SF Pride 2011 – The Leather Contingent – Big Slide Show!

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Milling around before the parade, a collection of characters…bikers, new Leather, old Leather, handballers, cock-suckers and boot-lickers, old and young hippies, Sadists, masochists, Dads, boys, dogs, Leather families, Masters and slaves, cigar men, watersport lovers, Faeries, ponies, and perverts of many other stripes…

Michel Foucault described the emergence of “peripheral sexualities” from the end of the 18th century: “An entire sub-race was born, different…from the libertines of the past…They were children wise beyond their years, precocious little girls, ambiguous schoolboys, dubious servants and educators, cruel or maniacal husbands, solitary collectors, ramblers with bizarre impulses…This was the numberless family of perverts who were on friendly terms with delinquents and akin to madmen.” – from M. Foucault – The History of Sexuality