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Sights Seen at SF Pride: Cruising Sexy Big Cameras!

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When we got the sexy new camera, we became aware of the subculture of  camera cruising. Peeps with BIG cameras check each other out. Seriously. We see each others cameras first, and only THEN the person behind it. Cruisy banter often ensues: “Yours is big, but mine is bigger!” Ahhh…the joys and terrors of scopophilia!

“Hey, Soldier!” New Gay Cali Style Manga from JoJo Mendoco

Story adapted from a true story originally published in Meat: True Homosexual Experiences from STH. “How men look, act, walk, talk, dress, undress, taste & smell.” Published by Gay Sunshine Press, 1981. “Sex for an Armless Vet.” Edited by Boyd McDonald, the STH: Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts were a series of compilations of true stories and reader photographs. Literary porn with big props from the likes of Gore Vidal,  William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, who wrote:

“Everybody loves the first glimpse of naked love. Everybody’s story is the most thrilling in the world. Everybody tells their best friend their tale of the raw behind. First time they discovered an open heart with their pants down.”

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