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Hot Firefighters fight Hot Fire in SF Castro District!

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No one was injured, but there was lots of excitement, and plenty of exciting firemen, EMTs, and onlookers on Castro Street Saturday night when a balcony BBQ caught fire. All’s well in the village. Kudos to the men of the SFFD!

Shooting Rich Trove!

Snap! Gotcha! Leather Community photographer Rich Stadtmiller has new photos of SF Pride’s Leather Contingent up on his Rich Trove site, here. For Gay Highwaymen photos of the kinky section of the parade, click here. For more photos of photographers and their big sexy cameras, click here.

Sights Seen at SF Pride: Cruising Sexy Big Cameras!

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When we got the sexy new camera, we became aware of the subculture of  camera cruising. Peeps with BIG cameras check each other out. Seriously. We see each others cameras first, and only THEN the person behind it. Cruisy banter often ensues: “Yours is big, but mine is bigger!” Ahhh…the joys and terrors of scopophilia!

Sights seen at SF Pride 2011 – Boy Oh Boys! – Sexy Slide Show.

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Ah, youth. Nutritious and delicious, sexy and silly. Is youth really wasted on the young? Worse ways to spend it IMO than on a sunny Sunday afternoon at San Francisco Pride. Captured with a click. Snap! For a Hot slide show of the Leather Contingent, click here. More soon.