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Shooting Rich Trove!

Snap! Gotcha! Leather Community photographer Rich Stadtmiller has new photos of SF Pride’s Leather Contingent up on his Rich Trove site, here. For Gay Highwaymen photos of the kinky section of the parade, click here. For more photos of photographers and their big sexy cameras, click here.

Shot in the Face! Leather Photographer Rich Trove captured by the Camera of an Other.

Leather Shooter Shot!

Hey, Rich! What? Snap! Caught! Usually, Rich “Trove” Stadtmiller is on the other side of the lens. Over the last half decade, he has put together  a “Rich Treasure Trove” of Leather images. His archive of almost 150,000 digital photographs is available at the Rich Trove website. This was taken on the occasion of Master Morris Taylor‘s 80th birthday party at the SF Citadel, the City’s premier community dungeon. In the background are the colors of The 15 Association.