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Leathers in Mozambique

From the small volume Scouts in Bondage and Other Violations of Literary Propriety. Edited by Michael Bell, a proprietor of secondhand books from the “ancient coastal town” of Lewes, England. Scouts is a collection of amusing covers, this one from 1959 is subtitled “An Adventure Story for Boys.” What? That’s what Neo-colonial crypto-homosexuality was called in the middle of the 20th century…

First of the Happy Sexy 2012 New Years Posts

Ringing it in with the boys! No idea who the artist is on this little one. As always, extra information is well appreciated.

Sights seen at the 2011 “Up Your Alley” Dore Street Fair: Puppy Boys

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San Francisco’s K-9 Unit enjoys an afternoon of Puppy Play. Woof! Sunday afternoon at the Up Your Alley / Dore Street Fair. For more hot men and boys from this year, click here. For pics from 2010’s Fair, click here. Photos: Gay Highwaymen

Sights seen at SF Pride 2011 – Boy Oh Boys! – Sexy Slide Show.

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Ah, youth. Nutritious and delicious, sexy and silly. Is youth really wasted on the young? Worse ways to spend it IMO than on a sunny Sunday afternoon at San Francisco Pride. Captured with a click. Snap! For a Hot slide show of the Leather Contingent, click here. More soon.

Styles of Masculinity in early 20th Century Photography…Sights Seen in Old Snap Shots

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Plucked from a California photo box in a Sonoma County Antique Mall: boxers, cowboys, dads, dandies, hunters, footballers, motorists, photographers, sailors, soldiers, sons, students, swimmers, tough guys, workers, writers and other interesting men and boys. Vernacular snap-shots from the first half of the twentieth century.

Bacha Bazi – The “dancing boys” of Afghanistan

Private dancer: The practice of bacha bazi ('boy for play') is growing in Afghanistan. Photograph: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad

The PBS documentary series Frontline has produced an investigative piece on the ancient Afghan practice of Bacha Bazi, translated as “boy play.” Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi reports in The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Watch the full 53 minute program on-line at PBS. Ghaith Abdul-Ahad also reported on the apparently growing phenomena in September of last year in the UK’s Guardian.