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Shock Top Reflection

What’s a Shock Top? One who’s Awful, too? Here he just sells beer, quoting the Mohawk warriors – who were said to have plucked their heads clean hair by hair, and that only after having proved themselves by shedding blood. Cahto and Pomo and other California 1st nation people were historically more peaceful. And more prosperous. Fancy that.

Happy Dore Alley weekend to Mohawk and other hair-wearing Fair attendees! Tops: please don’t be too shocking. bottoms: don’t be awful at all. Everyone: play hard, have fun, take good care of one another.

Guys Seen at Scene Site: SF’s “Up Your Alley” Dore Street Fair 2011 – Big Slide Show! NSFW

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Guys, guys guys. Men, boys, Tops, bottoms, versatile dudes, kinksters, old and new Leathers, gear freaks, lovers, brothers and others. A wide variety of guys on parade at this year’s “Up Your Alley” Dore Street Fair. For this year’s litter of puppy boys, click here. For sights seen at last year’s fair, here. For the official buzz on the fair, here. And for the Leather Gandhi look-alike, click here!

Sights seen at the 2011 “Up Your Alley” Dore Street Fair: Puppy Boys

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San Francisco’s K-9 Unit enjoys an afternoon of Puppy Play. Woof! Sunday afternoon at the Up Your Alley / Dore Street Fair. For more hot men and boys from this year, click here. For pics from 2010’s Fair, click here. Photos: Gay Highwaymen

Eric Robinson’s “Leathermen” at QIY: Queer It Yourself – Big Gay Art Show

Eric Robinson and "Leathermen" at Las Manos Gallery in Chicago

Eric Robinson’s wet-plate ambrotypes will be showing as part of QIY: Queer It Yourself, which opens Saturday at SOMArts. The exhibit presents alternative, queer, do-it-yourself processes and projects, collaborations, zines, posters, green architecture, activist interventions and recuperations of low-tech media. Robinson took his 19th century kit (big awkard camera, portable darkroom, an array of chemicals, beakers and trays…) to the Dore “Up Your Alley” Fair in 2010, supplementing a series of portraits of Leathermen that he began the previous year. Images from that series will be on exhibit. More on Robinson here, here, here and here.

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Robinson at work making wet-plate ambrotypes. These one-of-a-kind photographs on glass were common during the mid 19th century. As it disappears into the digital realm, this work reminds us of the physical, chemical and optical origins of photography. At the same time, generic conventions suggest that “fetish” photography should be slick and polished, suitable for publication in magazines, and “straight” in the photographic sense. These images kick that cliche, their hand-hewn aesthetic underscoring the sense that we are looking into not only the history of photography, but that of Leather. Old Guard all around…

QIY is part of the National Queer Arts Festival. This year’s theme is A Sustainable Queer Planet. More on the festival here and more soon. QIY opens Saturday, June 4th with a reception from 1pm until 4pm. SOMArts is located at 934 Brannan at 8th St. in San Francisco. The gallery is tucked under the freeway, just to the east of the Trader Joe’s complex.

Fresh Foot Traffic: Got Boots?

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Boots. What other item of foot ware pulls such partisan support, draws such devotees, fosters such fans? Polished, dirty, engineer, cowboy, motorcycle. Leather. Boots. These boots were made for walking. These boots were made for licking. These boots were made for dancing on the head of a pin. Got Boots? Post Pics in GH comments!

Eric Robinson shoots wet plate Photography at Dore / Up Your Alley Fair

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Photographer Eric Robinson set up his view camera and portable darkroom on 1oth and Folsom to take wet plate photographs at the Dore / Up Your Alley street fair in San Francisco. 19th century processes meet 21st century subject matter. He is in California working on a project that he began in Illinois. Click here for more on Eric. More later. [photoevent: July 25th, 2010]

Sights seen at Scene Site: Dore / Up Your Alley San Francisco Street Fair

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Lots to look at as always at this year’s Dore/Up Your Alley Street Fair.  Boys and men from the sublime to the ridiculous, Leathermen from the Old, New and Avant Guards, Uniform Buffs, Rubber Fetishists, Sadists and masochists, subs and Doms, Bondage Freaks, Dragsters, Masters, slaves, Merchants and Peddlers, Porn Stars, Activists in droves, a smattering of Tourists, and an assortment of more exotic permutations of perversion including furries, superheroes, cartoon characters and other kinks apparently generated in front of the television on some Saturday morning long ago. Photoevent: July 25th, 2010.

Street Art seen at Dore / Up Your Alley Fair

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New street Art seen during Dore weekend in San Francisco. South of Market. SOMA. Photo-event July 25th, 2010.

The 15 Association at Dore / Up Your Alley Leather Street Fair.

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San Francisco’s 15 Association enjoyed a day at the Dore, or Up Your Alley street fair. The 15 Association is a social and sexual fraternity for men who engage in BDSM. Booth space was generously provided by Stop Aids, which has been working to prevent HIV transmission among all gay and bisexual men in San Francisco through multicultural, community-based organizing since 1985. Photoevent: July 25th, 2010, SOMA, San Francisco, CA. c. gayhighwaymen

19th c. Technology 21st c. Subject Matter: Artisanal Photographer Eric Robinson to shoot SF Leather

Eric Robinson takes the techniques of photography back to its roots. He works in wet plate collodion processes, producing one of a kind plates on glass. Using a traditional view camera, he cuts an anachronistic figure while exposing the plates. No shutter, he lifts a sliding door on the camera to expose the plate and counts. One, two, three…twenty-nine, thirty seconds or more. A portraitist, his subjects experience a taste of the early sitter’s experience. It is important to stay still. The help of devices may be sought. Portraiture at its best is a collaborative process, an agreement between the photographer and the model. What began in the midwest as a series of portraits by a graduate student of his professor and his partner has become the focus of a cross-country road-trip to document a lifestyle, a subculture, and the extended family of a friend and rogue scholar. On the road somewhere in Nevada as of this posting, Eric should be arriving in San Francisco sometime late Friday, in time for many of the festivities associated with the Dore (Up Your) Alley street fair. Read more about Eric at the HomoGenii site. The photos in the slide show below were taken during a shoot in April, 2010 in Carbondale, Illinois, where the photographer is taking an MFA in Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University. His undergraduate degree is in Chemistry.

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