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Shock Top Reflection

What’s a Shock Top? One who’s Awful, too? Here he just sells beer, quoting the Mohawk warriors – who were said to have plucked their heads clean hair by hair, and that only after having proved themselves by shedding blood. Cahto and Pomo and other California 1st nation people were historically more peaceful. And more prosperous. Fancy that.

Happy Dore Alley weekend to Mohawk and other hair-wearing Fair attendees! Tops: please don’t be too shocking. bottoms: don’t be awful at all. Everyone: play hard, have fun, take good care of one another.

Indonesian Shutter-bug Monkeys shoot Themselves!

When photographer David Slater turned his back on his photo gear while shooting wildlife in Indonesia’s Sulawesi National Park, he never expected that the local crested black macaques would take over the shoot. But they did. Or did they? Some doubt it. Slater insists that the photos are genuine, but does admit to rotating and cropping them for effect. Expect these photos to show up in a camera marketing campaign soon: “So simple a Monkey can use it” via Guardian UK. More here.

Big Fight erupts at Christie’s over Andy Warhol!

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, via Christie's "Self-Portrait," by Andy Warhol.

…via friend of this site Jesse Barlow. A bidding war, described as both tense and amusing broke out at Christie’s auction house last night. Brett Gorvy, of Christie’s and private dealer Philippe Ségalot fought hard for their respective, anonymous  clients. Gorvy’s client won, with a price tag of $38.4 million for the sky blue 4-panel self portrait. For the New York Times story, click here.