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Happy Homoerotic Thanksgiving Day …1928!

These two staunch white guys look about ready to eat each other up. Looks like the pilgrim has already started to unwrap the football player. TV didn’t link the holiday to the sport after all. Something seems to be missing from this scenario, though. Where are the First Nation studs? Maybe planning a little dessert entertainment for these two…all in good, clean fun. Of course.

First of the Happy Sexy 2012 New Years Posts

Ringing it in with the boys! No idea who the artist is on this little one. As always, extra information is well appreciated.

Last of the George Wong Sexy Happy Independence Day Pics

Friend of this site George Wong passed away in June of 2011. George, who will be missed by many, was known for sending out sexy pics as holiday greetings. This was his offering from last year’s Independence Day. His pics were the inspiration for the sexy holidays featured on this site, and we have featured many of his little presents. For George’s obituary, click here. For some of our favorite (and most popular with readers!) of his sexy holiday pics, click here, here, here and especially here. Thanks, George!

Happy Sexy Mayday!

Long before it was International Workers’ Day, it was a pagan holiday, welcoming spring. Cool Gay Texan cartoonist CMan hits both meanings with hunky truckers paying tribute to their buddy’s pole. Let the dance begin! For more of CMan, visit his blog here.