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Maybe he’s YOUR boy…

Or maybe he is OURS. We could flip for him. Goodyear advertisement Collier’s magazine, September 26, 1942. Collection of Gay Highwaymen.

Enemy Upstairs! Get on his Tail…

It looks like this flyboy is wearing a dog collar and leash! He’s not. At least not in this image. From a WWII era Collier’s Magazine advertisement selling the latest in sound technology: the throat microphone. Can’t make yourself heard over the engine noise and machine gun fire? No more! The Western Electric throat microphone helps win battles!

Whatever you do, wear Skivvies!

Originally a brand name, like “Kleenex” – “Skivvies” had a contract to supply the armed forces and became generic military slang for underwear – shorts and tees…

International Service! (Hot Vintage Trucker)

WWII Era Advertising from Collier’s Magazine. Collected out of Palm Springs, CA. Broadsheet size, 4-color mid century design from the golden age of illustrated magazines. Keep ’em rolling!

He’s got a bigger job now…

From Colliers Magazine, Winter 1945.