Purple Ties.

I saw this display of purple ties in a fiercely heterosexual part of upstate New York. The intended market was clearly not my queer self, nor my gay brothers…but the local breeders. Metrosexuality is still in, and if straight men in the burbs are willing to invest upwards of $75 for a purple tie (or a pink shirt, which were abundant in the display next to this one), I’m guessing this trend here to stay. Which is fine by me – men’s erstwhile color-phobia, that irrational fear that someone would think they were ladies (or lady-like) if they wore pink or purple has always seemed a little silly to me.


One response to “Purple Ties.

  1. George wanted a purple tie for his Bday and Bloomingdale’s (don’t worry I had a gift cert.) had them in abundance.

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