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Half-naked Bear.

Seen outside a Black Bear diner in Washington state… Looks like this bear forgot to put on the bottom half of his fur suit this morning.


More berries

Unidentified roadside berries. They look good, but also possibly poisonous… Lots in bloom this time of year, but best not to try any unidentified forest fruit.

About to cross the Canadian border…going up to BC for the International Two Spirit Gathering. I don’t want to pay roaming charges, so this may be my last post for a few days.



Rest stop toilet sign

Embellished sign, outside a highway rest stop toilet in northern WA… incidentally, the shortest, skimpiest restroom walls I’ve ever seen. Anti-cruising measure?


Wild berries

Unknown berries in the far north of Washington state.


Bug splats: strange sign at a gas station

Bug splats. Seen about 45 min north of Seattle on the 5. I have to say, their drawings aren’t terribly accurate…



With all of the amazing local berries we’ve been eating, we set out in search of a blackberry milkshake. A friend tipped us off to Burgerville, a Pacific Norhwest chain of local, sustainable fast food. Sure beats California’s In-N-Out Burger! Pictured here is Natoyiniinastumiik and with a colossal Walla Walla onion ring. I had a wild smoked salmon and local hazelnut salad, and a berry shake – amazing. Only downside: the receipt gave a calorie breakdown of our food, informing us that this one meal represented 90% of our recommended daily caloric intake. Still, I’m excited to hit this place again on the way back down.


Ill Eagle Fireworks

Cool sign seen on an urban reservation in Washington state (Puyallup, I think?): Ill Eagle Fireworks.


Should People Receiving Entitlements Be Allowed to Vote?

Should People Receiving Entitlements Be Allowed to Vote? I get the sense that whoever made this sign doesn’t think so. Seen on the side of I-5 in Washington state.


I found Jesus!

He was along the roadside in Washington state, near Vader Ryderwood. Lots of interesting Christian stuff along the road between San Francisco and Vancouver. For example, did you know that God has his own 800 number? 1-800-HIS-WORD.


Vader Ryderwood

Ryder Vader’s wood?
Interesting road sign in Washington State.