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Art Peppers! That’s hot. Nice packages, too…

100% faggot-farmed heirloom peppers. Tis the harvest season. Feasting with friends and family. Hand-made labels. Lo-tech. Sharpie markers on postal stickers.


With all of the amazing local berries we’ve been eating, we set out in search of a blackberry milkshake. A friend tipped us off to Burgerville, a Pacific Norhwest chain of local, sustainable fast food. Sure beats California’s In-N-Out Burger! Pictured here is Natoyiniinastumiik and with a colossal Walla Walla onion ring. I had a wild smoked salmon and local hazelnut salad, and a berry shake – amazing. Only downside: the receipt gave a calorie breakdown of our food, informing us that this one meal represented 90% of our recommended daily caloric intake. Still, I’m excited to hit this place again on the way back down.