Should People Receiving Entitlements Be Allowed to Vote?

Should People Receiving Entitlements Be Allowed to Vote? I get the sense that whoever made this sign doesn’t think so. Seen on the side of I-5 in Washington state.


7 responses to “Should People Receiving Entitlements Be Allowed to Vote?

  1. I’ve asked myself similar questions more than once as part of a larger quandary of mine involving franchise and taxes.

    America was at least partially founded upon the idea of, “No taxation without representation.” It seems to me that the converse, “No representation without taxation” holds a fair amount of logical validity as well and the entitlements issue plays into that larger question.

    And there’s an old adage of disputed attribution:

    A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.

    Which is quite on point in this matter.

  2. chances are better than not that the signmaker receives entitlements that are not viewed as such…

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  5. If they sold stock and received the special 15% capital gains tax rate entitlement, they did. And unlike Social Security, that I paid into for 40 years, they did nothing to deserve it.

    But I’d gladly give up my vote if everyone who sold stock did so too.

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