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Wild Turkey Road Kill #2

Running Turkey. Not fast enough…


Wild Turkey Road Kill # 1

Flying Turkey hits the road in an act of auto-abstraction. Buzzards delight. CA Hwy 162 near Bloody Run Creek. On the road to Covelo where locals say the Indian Wars are still underway. White and 1st Nation teens, bored, fight. No new thing under a Sunny day. Return via Dos Rios. Two rivers home.


Homoerotic Contact Sports…Sizzling Hot Turkish Oil Wrestlers!

This is courtesy the very provocative and entertaining Men Without Clothes blog. This is a teaser. What moves! Lots more there. We were turned on to it by friend of this site slave jody, who knows he’d never make a win in this sport because he so enjoys getting pinned. Down, boys! All the way. Good boys. For a very different wrestler, click here.

Nutricious and Delicious! A Happy Thanksgiving Day Spread.

Happy Thanksgiving, boy!

Fresh Thanksgiving boy with all the trimmings! Have another helping. It’s good for you. And it’s good for the boy!

Oh yes…C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, tout le monde manges pommes des terre.