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It’s Back! Wrestling to return to Olympics.




Just a few of the reasons why we are glad it’s back…
Story here.

Homoerotic Contact Sports…Sizzling Hot Turkish Oil Wrestlers!

This is courtesy the very provocative and entertaining Men Without Clothes blog. This is a teaser. What moves! Lots more there. We were turned on to it by friend of this site slave jody, who knows he’d never make a win in this sport because he so enjoys getting pinned. Down, boys! All the way. Good boys. For a very different wrestler, click here.

Kids these Days! San Francisco’s Mission High School’s Out Gay Wrestler Jaime Loo

Mission High School's Jaime Loo. Via BAR

Jaime Loo attends Mission High School in San Francisco where he is captain of the wrestling team. He is also gay. Loo, 17, a transplant from Panama, has found a supportive environment in his new country, at his school and on his team. He credits his involvement in wrestling for giving him the strength to be himself. He says: “Wrestling has played a big role in my life…it gave me self-confidence. It made me more responsible for myself and for my body. The confidence level on how possible everything is has changed me.” Read sports writer Roger Brigham’s column on Loo in this week’s Bay Area Reporter.