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Why the Pope REALLY resigned…really!

Sign seen on Industrial Place just off Sunny Dunes, a gay strip in Palm Springs. Pope’s joint here seems to be a het titty bar. Who knew his holiness dabbled in such ventures? Interesting times.

What to Do When Your Car Conks Out…

Well … bend your buddy over the engine compartment for a nice ride of course … via Jake Hale and Popular Science monthly from way back in the day.

Sigma Chi Cornhole Tournament – really!

What the boys of Sigma Chi do on a Thursday night. via pal of this site (professor) Jake Hale…

Faerie Fido Hugs Hung Garden Gnome!

WTF is that thing coming out of the garden gnome’s spout supposed to be? We know what it LOOKS like! Welcome to the hardy garden! Ricky the groovy art kid brought Fido the Faerie. Fido the Faerie brought the gnome…and it’s obvious what the gnome brought home…

Danger! Don’t throw WHAT Where?!

Constructing a damn dam. The Hoover? No context for this strange sign. Was throwing workers into the ravine a real issue? Collection of Gay Highwaymen.

Nutricious and Delicious! A Happy Thanksgiving Day Spread.

Happy Thanksgiving, boy!

Fresh Thanksgiving boy with all the trimmings! Have another helping. It’s good for you. And it’s good for the boy!

Oh yes…C’est la vie, c’est la guerre, tout le monde manges pommes des terre.